Crafting code with a relentless endurance and dedication.

My fascination with technology began early on, setting the stage during my CEGEP years as I dived into an IT diploma. This period marked the start of a profound journey into the world of programming and set the foundation for my future endeavors.

Continuing my quest for knowledge, I pursued a computer science degree at Sherbrooke University. This chapter was not only about academic growth but also about personal discovery, as I stumbled upon the world of triathlon in 2019. The sport quickly became a passion, leading to a significant milestone: completing IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant in 2022, an achievement that coincided with the culmination of my studies.

Post-graduation, I embarked on my career as a software engineer, embracing the remote work lifestyle. This transition offered the flexibility I needed to maintain a rigorous training schedule, allowing me to seamlessly merge my professional responsibilities with my athletic pursuits.

Today, I stand on the threshold of new beginnings, eager to expand my horizons and explore additional avenues to make a difference. My journey reflects a blend of technological proficiency and a deep-seated passion for triathlon, driving me towards continuous personal and professional growth.